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It's all crap.

This will be cross-posted to My Myspace Blog, morlayne , wowsilvermoon , wow_ladies , and bad_rpers_suck . Because I can.

I play a Night Elf Hunter named Lucita on Silvermoon. And, for the most part, I have the most fun. A couple o' days ago, I got my first pet.

So things are not too shabby.

And then yesterday, this noid runs up to me, says, "hey big boobs" and auto-duels me! I think, whatever, and run off to quest.

I didn't really think about it until I logged in today. It took me awhile, what with the lag and all, and when I finally show up, I see in the chat screen:

Roguefighter starts putting his month on lucita month and beiggn to rape her.

I kept playing, but with less heart. It's hard to feel enthusiastic when you've been bitch-slapped with sexist bullshit.

Is it worth it anymore? Does anyone care? Am I gonna get a lot of flames about how Roguefighter was just being funny?


But for anyone that does care, what do you do about it?
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