Die Waffen - legt an! (glenngunnerzero) wrote in wowsilvermoon,
Die Waffen - legt an!

The Runaround with my hunter

So i was fighting around Dalaran today with some orcs today and this lvl 41 or higher NE Rogue was trying to get us to PvP. The Orcs did AoE's and eventually they did PvP and I decided to try and kill him and when he was done with the two Orcs i was with he tried to go after me and got me down to half health or more when he died. a minute or two later he comes back. And to try to get him to move on I feign death all he did was slap and a bunch of emotes on me then i saw him stealth so i got back up and put up a freeze trap and tossed a flare out and as i was trying to move out he sapped me and got frozen I got out of the sapped first before he got unfrozen and was fighting him for about 2 seconds before i saw i was going to die before he did so i wing cliped him and ran trying to get out of that fight, aspect cheeta out of melee range and got far enough out to concussion shoot him and started towards Hillsbrad because i needed to go there anyway. He left my map a second later I see him back on it with a mount so i do another concussion shot and run again, he leaves map comes back again on his mount i concussion shot again he hits me with an arrow so i get dazed i try and keep running because we're both slowed and get out of range go back to aspect of the cheeta, again he comes back i lay a freeze trap down and it buys me some time as i get closer to Tauren Mill. The chase finally ended and i go to the trader to sell some stuff and finish my quest. Quietly I saluted his determination and continued my questing to get to lvl 40.

A drink to you Hydrogen it was a good test of my movement imparing abilities.
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